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As a man my name is Chau Fenix i was borned and raise in mexico my home town i soon got papers that let me go too USA(my mom was American at the age of 3 years) soon i went too USA were i growened for a lot of years my grades were rather ok or just awfull too F and C sometimes A and B notes but i rarely had those grades i was a bully i made peaple life impossible on my school my restricted hatered for anyone was big. nobody was my friend everybody hated me but i despise everybody i was always alone everybody run for the fear they had too me i was the tallest person in 3rd grade it was natural then in 4th grade there was another bullies that were picking up on this nerd i got even more hatered for those bullies that i took them down with one punch made them bleed i saw the blood in my hands the nerd told me something i think he was thankfull but that moment that i realized all my bad things the parents went next day and i was out of that school i had too go too another i went there but for my surprise ther ther were these peaple them calling themselves bronys it was relatively new (by that time i was on high school ) but seeing there ways too be love and tolerate that was simply not part of me i hated it i made some friends but everyone type me as the wierdo i never talk i was quiet at almost every time trying too not remember the past my first friends were bronies i stab them in the back(not litteraly) and left them when they most needed me on memebase page i knewed this guy PARADOXIAL EVENT that made me change of my mind and decided too return too school when i saw my friends 3 bullies were gonna start hitting them i came running on ther backs and hit there bodies too the wall with grand force the other two tried too hit me but i finished of almost breaking there arms they fled i told my friends lets get out of here before somebody notice they forgive me ive finally got real friends ive would make anything too protect them leaving a side the fact that they were bronies wich i dispised most by the time thay never give up like true friends since then i become a calmed person with somewhat bad mood but im now a nice guy even if i never demostrate it i am reformed i am back and i will try too compensate my past too never have problems in the future as a person this has been my life by now i had too suffer a lot because of my dark side but i still will respond if someone has a bone too pick with me
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Submitted on
February 11, 2013